The Lackawaxen Food Hub Is Closing

The Lackawaxen Food Hub was created to aggregate local food in our region in order to better serve local farms and consumers. We have worked with over 40 regional farms and food producers who provide locally-grown vegetables, fruit, herbs, meat, dairy and a variety of value-added products to bring a year-round supply of farm fresh food to the region.

The idea of the hub was a great one and one that we’re not giving up on, however, it is with heavy hearts that we have come to the decision to close weekly operations of the Lackawaxen Food Hub. This decision has not been made lightly or without exhausting all conceivable efforts to make the Food Hub financially sustainable.

The last CSA delivery will be the week of March 13th and 14th. And the week of March 18th we will have the CSA Bulk Store open to close out our inventory.

In January, 2019, a nonprofit organization which was spurred out of the Lackawaxen Food Hub was approved for it’s 501(c)3 status. The Lackawaxen Food & Farm Initiative will continue the gleaning efforts, farmer meet-up sessions and community food education efforts that the Lackawaxen Food Hub started in 2018.

In the upcoming year, our board will be reaching out to community partners, local nonprofit and government agencies, farms, restaurants and community members dedicated to supporting local food to formulate a financially sustainable plan to implement a model for a food aggregator in our community. We hope that during this time you, as supporters of local food, also consider how you might be able to contribute to this conversation.

The efforts to keep our small farms alive in our region are far from over. We continue to be optimistic about the energy that is surrounding agriculture in our region right now and are confident that this community will come together around the idea that together we can work smarter, not harder, to connect our farmers with consumers.


The Lackawaxen Food Hub Board and the Lackawaxen Food & Farm Initiative Board